The Crowning of Peace (1921)

John Oswald Francis

Ⓗ 1921 John Oswald Francis
Mae angen caniatâd cyn perfformio neu recordio unrhyw ran o’r ddrama.

Testun agoriadol The Crowning of Peace

Cyfieithiad Cymraeg


The Queen of Peace
The Father
The Mother
The Maiden
The Child
The Young Man
The Man of Doubt
A Crowd of the People


A short pageant of the Peace of Nations


As an earlier form of this pageant-play exists and is still in print, I had perhaps better explain that the version here given is one that I prepared for the use of companies taking part in the competition in the production of this pageant-play at the Welsh National Eisteddfod, I922. I take this opportunity of thanking Professor T. Gwynn Jones for his kindness in making a Welsh translation and in giving to this little work the dignity of his masterly use of the Welsh language.

In this version, the number of nations represented by "Heralds" is not as large as in the original version published by the League of Nations Union. One reason for a decrease was the need to keep casts within reasonable limits when companies had to travel a considerable distance in the course of the competition.

It may be that, after the competition at the National Eisteddfod has been held, companies may wish to produce this pageant-play in the ordinary course of local amateur dramatic work. The present version should, I think, be adequate for that purpose, but, if it is desired to enlarge the cast, an additional group of "Heralds" might be introduced without individual "speaking parts."

April 1922. J.O.F.